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Let's Go

Welcome to Space is the Place - a hub for my yoga and wellness retreats and experiences!

My name's Dionne, and I've been running yoga and movement retreats, workshops and experiences since 2010 in all kinds of places in the UK and Norway which range from “get away from it all” holidays, community classes, self care workshops, to day retreats in composers homes and art museums.

The events are really a combination of all of the elements of what i do, explorations in self care, coaching, spacemaking, writing, music, yoga, meditation and wellness, oh and lots of feelgood. 

They tend to evoke big positive changes as you are able to step out and really focus on doing you how you want to. It's important to me that wellness is accessible and sustainable. I'm interested in holding space to go deeper with explorations and adventures in movement and stillness studies.

Explore my upcoming events below! 



Take Care of You

Your practice is exactly that. Yours. This is time for you to deepen in ways that feel spacious and supportive with movement and stillness


"An investment for Body and Soul"

— Grethe


Winter Warmer Retreat, Brighton (UK)
January 2018

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Explore ways to feel better. 

Expect a non-snooty and non-judgy approach to wellness. Explore ways to feel better that work for you! 

Take your feel-good back into the real world with sustainable change.

No rules or lectures here about what's "healthy".

Pleasure and creative explorations are at the forefront of my events. I hope you'll enjoy indulging and connecting in ways that feel great!

Space is the place

Create Your Own Adventure

I want your experience to be personal and am at your service to curate experiences that you can take or leave. 




Space is the place

Expect the Unexpected

Usually stuff comes up and out when you're investing time and attention to yourself. Big shifts, big changes, life changing and enhancing stuff.


Space is the place

Let's go!

Expect to get clearer on what might have been lurking underneath the surface and scoop up the goodness. I'll be there to support you. So if it's clarity and big life changes you want, come join me!