Photo by Emma Gutteridge

Photo by Emma Gutteridge

My name is Dionne Elizabeth, and I've been running art and wellness events in UK, Norway and beyond since 2010.

I'm interested in how we can utilise spaces in ways that are unusual and exciting. Which is probably why I've had yoga and movement events in a kindergarden, various art and culture museums, a chicken shop and a fro yo factory.

I enjoy taking yoga to places that aren't the “norm”, whatever “norm” is(!), and also challenging ideas about what yoga and wellness is or isn't, holding space for people to create their own experience and hopefully have a good time.

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Why Space is the Place?

Obviously, because I'm a big Sun Ra fan, but also because my work involves:

  • Holding space for people to create more space for themselves via my yoga classes, workshops and retreats, as well as...
  • Sharing resources for people to access spacemaking techniques, either via coaching, my digest, blogging, through my playlists and radio show and my courses, but also,
  • Transforming physical spaces into welcoming and curious environments to create events and experiences in, for example with my art + yoga collaborations at Griegakademiet, in Norway.

I love to play with space - exploring and sharing ideas about how we can take up space in the world in the most authentic and meaningful way possible, and also how we can create more of it, via intentional methods like Self Care. Many different mediums inspire me - so i enjoy merging and eating the boundaries with my projects, for example, the arts with yoga, sound and meditation.

I'm based between Brighton UK and Bergen Norway which also draws on my interest in the concept of space - i'm interested in how we show up in the world and for ourselves, in real life and online. I feel so lucky that my clients span continents and i get to show up for them through resources they can access both online and offline. 

Space is the place!