I'm a human being.
I believe you can feel good
and have fun whilst practicing yoga.

It's my mission to make yoga more inclusive and accessible.

Everybody is invited.

 📷  by Francesca Alviani

📷  by Francesca Alviani

 📷  by Francesca Alviani

📷  by Francesca Alviani

Forget not being able to stand on your hands.
Or looking like a pretzyl.
Or not being able to meditate.
It's not about being perfect.
Or wearing the right clothes.
Or looking like you are in a state of enlightened bliss.

Forget all that and instead let's be real.
Real talk.
Real exploration.
And real adventures.
With a real nice soundtrack obvs :)

Make your own rules. Then eat them.

My Yoga Journey

My first yoga class was in 2001, a way to help me sleep and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. After years of various explorations and trainings and styles, I started teaching yoga in 2010. Since then i've taught hundreds of classes in the UK and Norway, leading workshops, curating events and creating and running long term projects including the art + yoga project at KODE (the art museums of Bergen) and the Lick Yoga project, a pay what you can afford initiative for the Brighton community. 

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My current offerings include

* Yoga videos on Youtube
* Self Care sessions in UK + Norway
* Themed workshops in the UK + Norway
* Brighton Retreats

I'm also open to ideas so get in touch here if you have requests!


What to expect

✨ A non-snooty approach. Can´t promise non-cheesy meme inspired catchphrases though (sos).

✨ No gurus.

✨ A safe space, no judgement or expectations.

✨ A personal + authentic experience, encouraging you to "do you" too!

✨ To not take things too seriously.

✨ Your own space to define what yoga means rather than being told what you "should" do.

✨ ...A distinct lack of "shoulds"

✨ Room to do what you feel (snooze if you need to)

My Yoga Approach

I'm not so excited by fitting into boxes, so my "style" could be categorised as a "mix". I tend to pull from a plethora of movement and stillness studies, and am inspired by so many things that make it into the sessions. There will probably be some movement, some stillness, breathwork, meditation and music. And hopefully, lols. You can take a look on my YouTube channel if you want to get a feel for the "vibe"!

Every class is different, and all "levels" are welcome...in fact, i encourage “eating” the rules around "levels" and remember that everybody can “do” yoga. It's “your yoga”. You define it as opposed to me barking things you "should" do or not do. 

My sessions are an offering: i share sequencing queues and suggestions of alternatives. If you'd rather try it a different way, or experiment, there's space for that, also, if you'd prefer to just come, hang and have a snooze, thats ay-ok too. There's always space for you to do you.

You always have room to listen to what you need and take things wherever you like in that time, and hopefully, at the end of it, you're feeling a little more connected to yourself by practicing (what i think is a very “advanced practice”!) listening to yourself and what you need a little better.

Dionne Leela Yoga.jpg

My practice is rooted in continually exploring my experience. And the interconnectivity of everything. Looking at how the body is so intrinsically and weirdly interconnected. To everything: body. Breath. Emotions. Tension. External elements. It blows my tiny mind! ✨ I’m interested in movement. Stillness. Anatomy. Healing. Energy. Identifying patterns (of behaviour, tension, holding, feeling, breath, etc). Seeing them and non-forcefully adapting them, hopefully to be replaced by more helpful ones. ...Although I’ve never been one for following the rules. I’m interested in learning how to reduce tension and stress. And finding methods to connect to ourselves in ways we might have forgotten, hopefully having a nice time in the process. ✨😌✨ And for the things that we carry, the difficult stuff, to at some point hold space for it all. To honour ourselves and our journey. This continuously absurd adventure! 🤪👍🏽 Oh and this isn’t a picture of me “doing yoga”, i’m just picking something up from the floor i dropped in a dramatic fashion. When i’m “doing yoga”, i tend to look more like a gurning gremlin, sometimes moving, sometimes draped on Harold the sofa weeping into pillows 🙋🏽‍♀️🐸👹. Or perhaps drinking A LOT of tea whilst talking to strangers’ animals.But often, you might find me micro moving or writhing around trying to recreate the When Doves Cry opening scene. You know the one 😏💜... I try not to do that in public too much though. .................. . . . ...I’m not sure where this is going but anyway: tell about your practice! Or what you’re interested in! If you feel like it obviously! I’d love to know ☺️💌 (This pic was taken last year sometime when Walcott the palm and Winfrey the big cheese were still flourishing 🌱😅🌴-like me, they were made for the sunshine!)

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Space is the Place!

I'm interested in how we can utilise spaces in ways that are unusual. Which is probably why i've taught regular classes in a kindergarden, various art and culture museums, a chicken shop and a fro yo factory. I enjoy taking yoga to places that aren´t the “norm”, whatever “norm” is(!), and also challenging ideas about what yoga is or isn´t, holding space for people to create their own experience and hopefully have a good time.



I'm defo not a music snob, but i love to create and hold space - music is very much an important part of planning any class or event. You might expect anything to be in the playlists to be honest, from Sampha to Ahmed Fakroun, Solange to Bjørn Torske -  Mood, vibes and feelings are powerful!